Sunday, March 09, 2014

The Montreal 70s photo that will haunt you for a long time

This photo of a Dominion grocery store mascot handing out some sort of flyer or coupon has haunted me since I saw it a couple of weeks ago. So I thought I'd pass it on. How terrifying is that guy? Is that child now in a straitjacket after this trauma?


William (Bill) Bumbrayl said...

I remember the first expo mascot haunting me in that way, geez what a mess he was, early days. miss those expos. Doubtful return if Madame gets in with her cast of loonies, seriously,

emdx said...

M. P. and I. said...

My 'Dominion Demon' was 'The Iron Fireman' lurking behind the furnace, which was hand-fired on coal and coke, back in the Forties on Saranac.

'Com'on little boy, would you LIKE to see the FIRE in the Furnace?'

Especially when my Father turned the lights off at night, and I screamed, the fire-flicker thru the drafts coursing all around.

A Devil that came in a truck and slid into the basement down a chute in a black cloud of dust, and fear.

This logo appeared on the door of coal and oil trucks from Farquhar Robertson?? Fuels with Greenish/Teal coloured trucks?, the oil trucks trailing a length of chain to ground out static electricity buildup.

Note similarity of 'Demons.' Tin Can, etc.

Maybe the Iron Fireman got 'bumped' when coal sales dwindled and went to Dominion after a makeover?

There was another Tin Man going to Oz with Toto and Dorothy, a film with weird import and charactors.

All years ago.

Thank You.